ODOT Geotechnical Data Management System (ODOT GeoMS)



ATTENTION: GIS Access to ODOT Geotechnical Documents and Basic Information on the ODOT Geohazard Inventories has been transferred to the ODOT Transportation Information Mapping System at http://gis.dot.state.oh.us/tims/Map/Geotech


If you are new to using the ODOT TIMS, the help documents below will assist you in accessing the information available from ODOT.


TIMS General Guide - http://gis.dot.state.oh.us/tims/Public/docs/tims-user-guide.pdf

YouTube Instructional Videos - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxpoBQq_MZGuLfxXuuO8tZSciP30kj-RF


ODOT historical geotechnical documents and Geohazard Inventory Photos are available in Adobe PDF file format.


Users should be aware that many historic records (prior to 2007) are archived in the GIS system with approximated coordinate locations of relatively low precision (+/- 5 ft. X,Y). Care should be taken in using historic data as ground conditions may have been altered by construction activities or by other means after the original site exploration. Not all boring logs and other documents are presently available electronically but should become available as additional archiving is performed. For more information, to provide comments, or to report errors or omissions in data please contact Shaelyn Hill at shaelyn.hill@dot.ohio.gov.


Text-based searches can still be performed using Falcon SVP at falcon.odotgeoms.org. Enter username guest and password guest for access.


Detailed geohazard information can be accessed via the Geologic Hazard Management System (GHMS) at the following address: ghms.odotgeoms.org. Guest access is available via a link on the login screen.  Requests for accounts should be sent to Shaelyn Hill at shaelyn.hill@dot.ohio.gov.




Information available in the ODOT electronic geotechnical database is accurate to a level of detail required for transportation projects at the time of the original exploration. This GIS interface and database system is provided as an aid to geotechnical practitioners; it is intended to primarily augment geotechnical explorations for future projects. Although significant effort has been made to ensure the data included in the geotechnical database is accurate, ODOT does not provide any warranty with regard to the information made available through this application.


By entering the TIMS website and using the ODOT geotechnical data, you acknowledge that you have read the above information and agree to these “Terms of Use”.


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